You were created for a purpose, your special gifts, passion, and story is for a reason because God created you. Did you know your story can change someone’s life? 

We at FAITH Inspired want to get to know you and celebrate you.  We want to help you strengthen your relationship with Jesus and with like-minded individuals who are committed to uplifting and encouraging one another in life and business with God as their foundation.  Developing trust and understanding in love and community. 

FAITH Inspired Networking is a faith-based, Christ-centered organization founded to inspire and encourage people through camaraderie, fellowship, and collaboration opportunities. Each person has a unique story that can be shared with others for the purpose of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. Our main focus is to strengthen the most important relationship with Jesus Christ. Only with a real intimate relationship with Christ can you find your true identity and purpose. 

We are a Nationwide, Non-exclusive, positive community of believers who base our beliefs and values on biblical principles. 

We welcome all walks of life and do not pressure anyone to believe anything. We just encourage and share our stories on how Jesus is a part of our lives.

Each Spotlight story is encouraged to exemplify who they are, their personal faith story, and why they do what they do.  

We offer workshops, resources, and mentoring to help you both personally and professionally all based on biblical principles. 

 We invite you to join us in community and fellowship by becoming a member today. 

 Local Membership:$50 to Join $35Quarterly

Online Membership $100 to join $55 Quarterly

All Access $100 to join $75 Quarterly 

Guests can visit two times before deciding to join as a member.

“Empowering and inspiring others to live their life on purpose with God as the foundation”


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