You life story has a purpose.

Happy Monday and remember God loves you no matter what. Your past doesn’t define you. God does. Your story is for a reason. To encourage and inspire other’s.

I was on a path of self destruction.  Alcoholism, drug use, major depression, was focused on my selfish desires, success, and with a failed marriage. God was there through it all. It took time to realize my life could be totally different and God loves me no matter what. I was angry at God for a long time. I then finally decided to hand my past to him and let him control my life after a easter sermon. I listened to a story of a couple who were just like me. Best decision I have ever made. I’m still a work in progress. Never will I be perfect but I have a heart to serve God instead of money and addiction or my self. Thank you God for your forgiveness and everlasting love. Please help anyone else who might be struggling and lost. Please help them get inspired by my story and your grace.  Thank you God for loving me no matter what.



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