Moving day!!

We are here. We arrived with all our stuff in a pod. While staying in hotels for over 5 weeks. It was hard staying in hotels but great too. I gave birth to our first son during those 5 weeks while relocating to Clearwater, Florida. My husband and I had decided to move to focus on our family and to follow our dreams of living by the ocean. Some people may say we are crazy I say why not?

Life is to short. Everything in life is just circumstances. People are so wound up in their perfect bubble lives. Live a little or a lot!!  It’s been a great learning experience. Met some great people and we realized that you don’t need a lot to be happy. Stuff is just stuff. We sold most of our stuff to start fresh. It feels better. Now to make this nice size apartment ours. We plan to rent here for a year. Get familiar with the area before we have another baby and buy a home. I plan to have a Spanish Mediterranean style home with a circle driveway along the ocean. That is if God allows it and that is his plan for us of course. A girl can dream can’t she. Dreams do come true!!


Truly God has been with us every step of the way and he wants us to be here we know it. For what? Not sure but we are excited. God’s got some plan. I plan to spend quiet time reading God’s word and spending time with him to learn why we are here. I do believe I am to focus on having a gentle quiet spirit and to uplift my husband before anything else. Then baby and last business. I feel lighter and less stressed being here. The next chapter of our lives as parents and living in Florida is off to a great start.

Im starting a mom’s networking group and a family oriented evening connect. I plan to also start an Inspired Networking group in clearwater and online. I’m going to blow up Legalshield out here as well. I love networking and bringing value to other’s. Yes of course all after I focus on my family and home first. 


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