Faith during life’s storms. 

Having everything in life doesn’t last. Life is never perfect. We go through storms. Sometimes we may ask why do bad things have to happen? God why? Never doubt during the trials and tribulations. Just trust God and lean on him. Spend time in prayer and his word. Invest in your faith now and through life storms. The bible was inspired by the creator of the universe. Build the relationships with those who can uplift and encourage you. Pray together and be in community. Worship God and strengthen your spirit everyday. After the storm rebuild. Your life storms can uplift and inspire others. Don’t be ashamed. Your sin and brokenness doesn’t disqualify you for your purpose!!!  We all are sinners. Each and everyone of us! God has a purpose for your life. Your life has meaning. You will find your purpose if you seek him. Don’t worry! Love others and be happy. As Christ followers we are commanded to love and serve others. Your neighbors, your friends, family, co workers, yes even your enemies!  When we try to love others it affects the way we live and do. Try to love people better than they love you! 

Find your purpose and be on a mission don’t let life storms stop you. Have FAITH!


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