Business woman to housewife

Last night my husband made a comment about me being a stay at home mom and cooking. I hate cooking and am not good at it unless it’s easy like a crock pot or warming something up. The real truth is I took it the wrong way because I feel less then and like I am a slave if am expected to cook and clean. I even said I will never just be a little housewife. I was angry and felt belittled when all he was doing was saying he likes when I cook healthy and wish I did it more. I was angry at first and almost slept on the couch. I then fell upon this website
and it spoke truth to me. God convicted my heart. It’s a really good read! It made me think, pray, ask for forgiveness, and apologize to my husband. I’m not perfect but I want to follow God, love my husband, and soon to be family. It doesn’t mean you need to be a fabulous cook it’s about your heart and what you put first!!! Thank you Lord for helping me see why it’s important and how to serve. I ended up sleeping in our bed and waking up to my husband praying over me before work and kisses.


One thought on “Business woman to housewife

  1. Gail Z says:

    Hi Christina! This post about “cooking” and being the little woman. Don’t feel belittled by that. We have become a society of women trying to be like men in Too Many ways. Embrace your Womanhood! Don’t feel like you are less because your husband likes you being a Real Woman! God gave woman to Man to be his companion. Not to aspire to be over him or under him but to love and cherish each to the other. It is sometimes our own insecurities that make us react that way. If you want to be a better cook, watch cooking shows, read or whatever it takes. When you feel more comfortable in that realm you won’t think less of you and over react. I wasn’t always good at cooking and remember how my ex used to belittle me but in the end I, thru much motivation and desire to be better became better and there is always room for improvement to ourselves. Do it for you and your marriage, and the child you carry inside you so that when he comes into your lives he sees how loving you are to each other and it will model for him how to be a good man, husband, father etc.😊❤️


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