What are you putting your trust in?


Yesterday was a great church service.
We prayed over all the Men to focus on serving God and being examples of leaders in their families and in everything they do to exemplify the love of Christ.

I left there feeling comforted and loved in a time of chaos and turmoil within our family and all the new things happening in our lives.

The message overall was to turn away from putting your trust in anything created and put your whole trust in God. It’s not about what you do but how you behave. It’s about what and who you worship. If you put your trust in money, beauty, success, your family, your self, addictions, power, or anything other than God you will never feel fulfilled. You can trust God!! Turn to something that will fulfill you and don’t try to do everything alone. I need to focus on what God wants for my life and leave it to him.

In the midst of a chaotic and fleeting world find your security in the living God who protects from turmoil and delusion. The enemy wants you to suffer and feel unfulfilled. Don’t put your trust in anything else but Jesus.


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