Four Weeks Away!!!

I can’t believe it. We are 4 weeks away from taking all our stuff and starting our new adventure living in Florida. My husband and I are excited. We both even before we met said we wanted to live there! It’s on this year’s vision board. Yeah I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous but life’s to short to not create the life you want and to explore. I mean come on the beach!! No snow or bitter cold. Some people say what about the gators or the bugs. Oh it’s too hot! What about the culture, the palms trees, and all the new wonderful people we get to meet. What about never having to say I wish I would have. Nothings perfect, but to say we moved to Florida priceless. We are not a tree we can always move back.
We have a window of opportunity so we are going for it. My businesses allow me to work from anywhere. The sky is the limit. My hubby can find work in construction as a journeyman anywhere as well. We hate it we move somewhere else. Maybe even the Carolinas where Jesse grew up. Is there somewhere you want to go and live? What’s stopping you from trying it? Remember change is good. You can have the life you want. Believe it you can achieve it. We prayed and always


give it to God because ultimately it will happen if he wants us to go down that path. Life is grand so follow your heart and do it!


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