Trusting God!

This has been a huge experience and change that Jesse Littlejohn and I are going through. We had it in our hearts to move to Florida and took the leap of faith to move before we had baby. We did and said we trust God he is in control. We get out to Florida and bam 2 weeks later baby comes. It was a fast delivery. Now baby Vincent is here. True blessing. Currently we are living in a hotel until Jesse gets a job offer letter so we can apply for a home. He is on his way to the orientation of his new job. God has looked out for us with all the cheap hotels and getting unemployment!! The baby shower AnnaandAlex Davenport put on for us helped us have everything we needed for baby and more. We have support from friends close and far. Our focus is God first, Marriage second,  then baby, then jobs!!!! We are excited to see what is in store for us next. We do everything to Glorify God. We are not perfect. Jesse and I have a lot to change but we are taking it day by day. We are determined to succeed at marriage and serving the most important God!!!! Thank you Jesus for everything. Change my heart so I want to serve my husband with a gentle quiet spirit and a mom who brings up her children to love and serve God. I want to inspire others to do what you created them to do and to serve you so they can experience a true love and life.



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