Daisy award for Bobbie Wanish!!!

I like to uplift and encourage people that live their life towards a mission and cause to serve and add value to the world. This Woman is a perfect example and deserves the daisy award. An award that nurses can be nominated for!!! Let’s show Bobbi some love!!!!



It was 2:15 on a early Monday morning and my water had broke.  Nope it wasn’t pee my water had broke yikes!!  As I screamed at my husband we need to get to the hospital that’s where all the excitement and emotions began. Since that moment my life has been changed forever. I am now a very happy mommy to a beautiful baby boy named Vincent Jeffrey Littlejohn with a new friend named Bobbi Wanish. Baby Vinny was delivered at Morton Plant Hospital on August 14th 5lbs 110z at 7:51am.  It all came so fast as he was 36 weeks and 2 days only. I am sure you can understand my anxiety level when I tell you that my husband and I were in the middle of relocating from Hudson, WI to find a new home in Clearwater when baby decided to arrive. We were staying at an extended stay hotel that wasn’t the cleanest place or ideal to bring a new baby home to. We knew there was a possibility, but I guess we thought he would come after we found our home.  That just wasn’t the case!

The hospital and staff were amazing and the experience was unforgettable. Everything from the team who helped bring him into the world, to the food, the cleaners, the few awesome nurses, the hospital views, all the way down to the very informative and helpful staff. This hospital is exceptional! Even though I was extremely happy with the service and support Morton Plant provided there was one nurse who stood out about the rest.

Bobbi Wanish a bright eyed, cheery, positive woman who loves to serve others! The moment I met her I was sleep deprived and had been given a ton of information and was having a lot of anxiety. I also felt uncomfortable with all the people who needed to come in or room. I hated how many people saw my boobies! I am a very private person when it comes to my body. I don’t like when people tell me what to do as well and was a little snotty back to a few people. There is no excuse and I felt bad. Poor Bobbi’s first encounter with we was a sad one. During shift change Bobbi and the other nurse got reprimanded from me. “Ok listen here! I demanded. I want you to knock first. If I have my do not disturb sign up don’t disturb me. I need everyone to slow down and give me some space.”   I was feeling overwhelmed and like I couldn’t breast feed. Baby Vinny had lost a lot of weight and had some jaundice. I was really nervous and stressed. I had also had a few nurses that didn’t seem to want to connect just be there to do their job and get out. Not Bobbi, she is the complete opposite. Bobbi must of known it from my remarks and said ok no problem I will come back. Please don’t worry I am here to help you and make this easy.  You are amazing and are a natural at this and left the room.  Next time she came in she brought a warm blanket and extra pillows for me.  She kept giving me encouraging words and asking me questions instead of instructions and telling me. Although the other nurses were helpful, she was the only nurse who acted like she loved her job and she cared.  She went over and above to help me and was uplifting and encouraging.

I am sure any new mom or dad would agree that you need that encouragement.  I started crying because she made me feel like we mattered.  I even told her you should be a motivational trainer for the hospital because some of the nurses act like they hate their job or that you don’t matter.  They act very insensitive and like they hate their life. She listened to me and I trusted her.  I had the privilege to request her the next day. I believe we had 3 days together. 

I was also feeling overwhelmed because the hotel we were staying at wasn’t the greatest and it smelled like dog pee.  Bobbi was so kind to offer to watch the baby in the nursery so that we could find a better hotel to bring him home to. She told my husband and I to take a few hours go enjoy some fresh air and grab some food.  We did just that and it made a big difference. We came back and there was Bobbi holding Vinny and somehow had gotten him to eat a little more than he was before.  She definitely has a way with babies. Vinny really liked her and felt comfortable with her too.  She helped us throughout the rest of our stay and explained why they had to do things like the car seat test 3 times and why the baby should stay another day just to be safe because he had lost so much weight. We also had time to get to know one another and shared some common interests.  Bobbi kept telling me she loves her patients and loves her job. She had a skip in her step and a smile that doesn’t go unnoticed.

While at our stay not only did we need to relocate to a different hotel my husband and started his new job. He had to take mandatory training that was only offered every other month so he had to take it. I was worried because I didn’t want to stay at the hospital alone for 2 days.  Once again Bobbi to the rescue she was able to talk me through that and even fed the baby one feeding in the middle of the night.  Finally the day we were able to take Vinny home she was there will big smiles and hugs.  We even exchanged numbers and I gained a new friend as well as becoming a new mommy.  There needs to be more Bobbi’s!  This woman is amazing and I am so thankful to have had her as our nurse. I will never forget the way she served us.  I was so thankful I asked to have her picture taken with my son and I gave her a gift as well to show my appreciation.  She is very passionate and inspiring.  Her work ethic and charm should not go unnoticed and I believe she is made to teach others how to treat patients! I know being a nurse isn’t an easy job.  Nurses are life savers literally and Bobbi was our life saver!

Please give Bobbi the daisy award she deserves it because it wasn’t just me that she serves but many and she really cares! She deserves to have the company she works for go the extra mile for her!  Life is so special and we are all made for a purpose.  I truly believe she lives out her purpose every day!


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