September’s Spotlight

Let’s give a warm shout out to our fabulous Spotlight Speaker for the month of September Shawnah Breault.

Shawnah is an inspiration to many mompenuruers and has a story that will touch your heart.  She is a woman of faith and is well known in her community. She is determined to help as many families she can. We are excited to learn more about you and why you do what you do.

I am a Mompreneurs of 3 boy. A US Marine, a Hockey player &
an adventurous almost 4 yr old.
I believe in practicing COURAGE (every single day)
I believe in telling our messy, complicated Beautiful Stories.


I believe Nothing is wasted & EVERYTHING SHAPES US.
You never know who you can Impact, Empower & Inspire along the way
We are all part of something BEAUTIFUL, something BIGGER, something deeply,
profoundly, astonishingly….good.


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