Let your light shine BRIGHT!

Not everyone will always like you or even know how to understand you. God created us all differently for a reason. Our past experiences and our why’s mold us into who we are. Have you ever been told your too much? How did it make you feel? I know I have a handful of times and I didn’t like it until I understood me. It took me some time to figure out how to love that statement.

 I love being passionate, dramatic, and confident. I love me. I use to think I needed to tone down so that others would feel comfortable but that’s crap. I was created the way I’m supposed to be. I’m going to let my light shine bright and do what I was supposed to do. My mission is to serve and bless others but with a BANG. 

When someone says your too much what they’re really saying is that they’re blaming you for the way their life feels when they’re around you, rather than taking ownership for it. There’s no real reason why another person can ever be “too much”, unless the person saying it somehow, somewhere doesn’t believe themselves to be enough. Instead of owning that and choosing radical honesty, you become the target. You’re far easier to blame.downloadfile

I’m passionately connected to all of life and I get excited about the little things; I’m eager to help and want to see really amazing things put into this world. I respect boundaries and expect that people will communicate theirs to me. I’m not the type of woman who finds small talk or small topics of discussion amusing. Give me universal truths, spiritual discussion and know that I will fight passionately for something that’s important to me. I swear.  I’m not afraid to ask people real questions and will always give people room to say no. Not everyone knows what to do with someone dedicated to living and probably find it annoying if they’ve given up on sipping life’s sweetness.


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