What is your purpose? 

We were all created for a reason. You were not made on mistake. sometimes it can seem like our lives are insignificant. Some days it can feel like whatever we do doesn’t seem to matter. You might even find your self feeling stuck, lost, and not enough. The enemy and the world do a great job feeding you lies that can lead you off your path and in to a state of mind or belief that you don’t matter. You then may find yourself worrying, complaining, or feeling worthless.  Those lies can lead you to a very dark path. A path God has not intended for you.

I’m here to tell those lies are from the devil. He doesn’t want you happy. He wants you to feel unimportant. Well guess what you do matter and it’s crap. Every single person matters and God has a purpose for your life in the grand scheme of things.  He wants you to believe in him and listen to what he has for your life. You just have to believe and trust him.  

All your unique gifts and talents are for a reason. You are a child of God. All of his creation was to glorify him. He will make your paths straight. 

A great way to find answers to what God has ordained for your life is to rest in him. Pray, meditate on his word, and talk to him. He truly loves you so much and he is with you in all that you do. So stop worrying, complaining, or feeling unimportant. Just listen to him and he will guide you.

I recommend looking at spiritualgifts.com and taking the test. 

Rest in him. Put on some quiet music and find a comfortable spot to relax and listen to what God has for you. You can ask him questions, talk to God, imagine sitting beside him. A great book I recommend to help you rest in him is Seeing is believing by Gregory A. Boyd 

Read the Bible and meditate on his word. The bible app is great and easy to use. I do recommend having a Bible so you can take notes. There is just something special about having your own personal bible.

Listen and read positive books, audios, and videos. Get rid of the negative stuff. 

Surround yourself by people who will inspire, uplift, and encourage you. Church is a great place to meet people who believe you matter. The friends you have matter. Get rid of the toxic people who don’t uplift or encourage you. Get a mentor or accountability partner to help you stay on track and pull you up when your feeling down.

You can also check out Inspired Networking as this is what the group is founded on. 

In conclusion: God created you!! You reading this was for a reason. You are significant! You are enough! You are amazing. If you want advice or help don’t hesitate to contact me. God bless.

Christina Littlejohn

“Empowering and Inspiring others to live a better quality of life with God as their foundation”



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