You are a true blessing!

​Last night as I was trying to get my teething baby to sleep as I held him tight rocking him I sat in awe on how beautiful and precious he is. How beautiful his little feet and hands are. How intricate and detailed his little features are. How amazing and what a true blessing to be given a beautiful baby boy. Then I thought to myself. There has to be a God. No way did this amazing little man not come from God. Then I started thinking how special it is to be alive. How amazing life is. If we just take a moment and think about that. Isn’t that just so crazy and cool. It’s a miracle.
People love to touch babies, hold them, kiss them. Just stop and think that you were once that little baby. A special new blessing. But guess what your still that special.

That’s what God thinks of you everyday. His sweet little child. He wants the best for you and loves you so much.


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