True freedom and hope.

​Today’s sermon truly touched my heart. Our plans are often rooted to glorify ourselves. Not submitting to God and his purpose for our lives.

True freedom and hope is submitting to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people seek to fill that emptiness with pleasure, luxury, money, power, success, anything but God, a division yet the emptiness remains.

Many times I think my agenda is the best for me and what I want for my life. I have been struggling to fit all that I want to do. Should I do this? Am I called to do that? Am I doing enough? My marriage, my finances, my business, what I want, and even who I am. 
I have been praying and asking that the Lord changes me heart and that I trust in him completely for what he wants for my life according to his purpose. I am asking that he teaches me how to live my life and root my hope in him. I’m praying that he helps me find comfort in devoting my time to prayer, resting in him, following his instruction, and praising him even when things don’t go my way. Rejoicing in the midst of suffering. I know God is doing things in the midst of our inconveniences and suffering. My story is for a reason and I will praise him all day long! Because my true hope and freedom is in him.


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