​We can have all the right tools and resources to succeed but it truly starts with you! 

Are you resourceful? What does that mean? 

It means in whatever circumstances or difficulties you may have you figure out a way to make it happen or turn into a positive.

Success can mean many things! It can mean providing food on the table for your family. It can be moving some where new. It can be changing your career. It can mean getting something done that you have been meaning to get done. It can mean so many things!!
It means not making any excuses and making a decision to succeed with whatever your goal is!

First you gotta believe you can and decide what you want. Then you figure out what tools and resources can help you. Who or what can uplift and empower you. What your priorities are and how you are going to use your time. 

I’m not going to say it’s easy. Sometimes you might cry! Sometimes you might scream!!!!!! Sometimes you may even not feel like doing something. 

But…. if you really want to make something happen and your ready to stop making excuses you will be amazed at what you can really do when you become resourceful! You will notice all the things you really need all start with YOU!

My husband and I wanted to follow our heart and move to Florida. We were 71/2 months pregnant when we moved. People thought we were crazy. We knew it would be hard and scary. We made the decision and did it!!! So glad we did. Its called resourcefulness!!!

I had my beautiful baby boy pretty much when we got to Florida. We knew no one. When he was first born I don’t even know how I did it. Living in a hotel for the first month, major sleep deprivation because my husband worked from 5 am to 7 almost every day but Sunday. I had to learn how to be a mommy and run 2 businesses and put together our new home.  This networking queen business savy woman had to figure out how to run her businesses truly from home and I have!!! Yeah because I kicked butt!!!!! 

I had some of the best months in my business since he was born. Now 7 months later I have overcome many obstacles, and have made it a non negotiable.  I know God is the major factor in all of this! 

An attitude of resourcefulness inspires out-of-the-box thinking, the generation of new ideas, and the ability to visualize all the possible ways to achieve what you desire.


Stop being afraid or making excuses. If you really want to do something you will!!! Success comes in all shapes and sizes. No dream is too big or small. You truly will feel like your on top of the world.


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