Our Spotlight for May Lori Mollan with Expressions of Style. 

​ Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

My name is Lori Mollan. I live in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I am a wife, the mother of four grown children, a teacher, speaker, writer, an artist and an entrepreneur. Above all, I am a lover of Jesus and His Word.  I am also a woman on a journey; a journey to discover, and then learn to live out, the plans and the purposes God has for me in my new season of life.
I recently completed my season as a mom of children at home. Being a primarily stay-at-home mom of four children was the fulfillment of my greatest dream. Since the early days of my childhood, that is what I dreamt of, and the Lord granted my heart’s desire. Honestly, it was the most wonderful, difficult thing I have ever done! To me, it was a privilege to parent, mentor, and train these little people. And in return, what a joy to experience those little arms around my neck and receive wet little kisses and words of I love you Mommy, admiration, and unconditional love; also, to watch them grow into the fine young men and women they have now become! 

My youngest daughter graduated from high school in May of 2014. That was three years ago. The past three years have been years of adjustment, experimentation, working to fill in the gaps, and learning how to be a parent of adult children. I have also been working on becoming reacquainted with myself and who I am now, as a more mature woman. I will be honest. It has not gone as quickly as I had expected! I have loved being a mom, but especially a mom with children at home, under my roof. I liked to have dinner as a family. I liked to go to watch their sporting events and concerts, to listen to them talk and share their lives with each other, and with us, their parents. I liked to go on family vacations together to experience, explore and discover together. I loved to see them have aha moments with God and to see them living out their own personal relationship with Him. I liked to see them accomplish and achieve, to meet their friends and have them hang out. In short, I not only love my children, but I like them!  To have them leave created an enormous void in my life. Especially for the first year, I felt lost, and would think, “What do I do now?”
The Bible verse I posted at the top has been my favorite since I was a young girl. My mother wrote it on the fly-leaf of my first Bible. With each season of my life; young adulthood, choosing a career and a spouse, relocation and the buying and selling of homes, parenting, etc., I have endeavored to follow the instructions that it contains, though I have come to realize that it is a learning and growing process to do so. Even as a fairly new empty nester, I find myself trying to ‘figure things out’ rather than fully trusting that the Lord will guide me and direct my steps as I lean on Him or depend on Him for direction and guidance. For me, trying to figure things out has only resulted in confusion and uncertainty. As I fix my heart and my gaze on Jesus and on His Word, I realize that He has given me what I need to know for this moment. My job is to stay in communication with Him, daily reliance on Him, and to ‘Do the Next Thing’; to take the next step. So easy, yet sometimes SO difficult to remember!

Despite my focus on being a mom that stayed home to raise and train children, I have had some exciting career experience woven into my life experience. I have a degree in Education from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. As a result, I have had the privilege of teaching people of all ages, not only in the public school setting, but also in business, community education, church, and seminar/workshop settings. Pre-children, I also had the adventure of working in the fashion industry (both ready to wear and home) and the cosmetic and skincare industry.  I have also become a certified home stager.
During our early years in Menomonie, the combination of my experiences and talents lead to establishing a small business, Expressions of Style LLC. 

Fueled by the encouragement of my husband, as well as friends who saw potential in my talents and abilities, I registered the name, got small business status, and began to help women identify their style, and then teach them to create a wardrobe, a home and a life that springs from their heart, not just from the pages of fashion magazines and the twists and turns of “What’s in style this season?”

With a small handful of clients and part-time substitute teaching, I was able to balance work and home responsibilities in a manageable way; where the children were still my priority.  I worked during the day when they were all at school and was there to welcome them home after school, and for dinner. We made it a priority to eat together as a family each evening.

I feel that it is important to identify our priorities and live with them as our benchmark, rather than to let life and circumstances determine how we live. In my experience, that kind of lifestyle is a recipe for stress, exhaustion, and broken relationships. It takes work to maintain my priorities, but things of value in our lives DO take work.  What we value, we invest our time, energy, attention, and hard-earned money into. Those things for me are: 
1) My relationship with Jesus. Spending time with Him and in His Word, spending time in prayer and in listening to Him. Cultivating relationships with people that know Him and love Him too so I can be challenged and encouraged and held accountable. Telling other people about how wonderful He is and how they can know Him too.

2) My relationship with my husband and family. Relationships take time: Listening, talking, helping, visiting, serving, feeding, celebrating, empathizing, and the list goes on.  In my opinion they are worth the effort I put in and the sacrifices I make to show each of them that I love them. Actions often speak louder than words!

3) Other people. I make it a point to be available for those who may need help. In this world of extreme busy-ness, I think it is important for people to create margin for emergencies and the unexpected. I want to be one of those people who can step in and help. I also look for ways I can cultivate relationships with people who have needs, such as the handicapped, and be their friend.

4) Home. Home is important to me. I enjoy being home to re-energize, to spend time with the Lord, to entertain, to invite people in to love them, serve them and encourage them. I love beauty and strive to make my home a warm, welcoming and beautiful place for each person who enters; family and friends.

5) Work. When I work I want to do my best and be my best. I want to love people and help them to the best of my ability; to bless their socks off each time we meet.

6) Creativity and Beauty. I love to be creative in numbers of ways; through art, music, beautiful food, entertaining, making ordinary, everyday events and tasks, beautiful.

One of the things I have learned throughout my lifetime is that every season has its joys and its challenges. There are times I have allowed the challenges to overshadow the joys, thinking that when they were resolved life would be happy and carefree, but that is not reality. Those ‘perfect’ moments are fleeting. My new goal is to savor each day, finding things to enjoy and things to be thankful for. Granted, some days that is difficult, but once again worth the effort because it changes my heart and my focus from one of dissatisfaction to one of gratitude. In each and every day Jesus blesses me in many ways, and there is SO much to be thankful for! 

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3: 5-6)
About Expressions of Style

Through Expressions of Style, it is my deepest desire to help women live deep, beautiful and meaningful lives; rediscovering the unique, valuable and beautiful person that they were created to be, and then learning to live that out in each area of life; wardrobe, home and lifestyle.
Services available include: Personal Style Analysis, Closet Sweep and Organization, Creating a Look Book, Personal Shopping, Home Staging to Live and to Sell, Classes & Seminars.

Topics I am Available to Speak on:

1) The Art of Living Your Style

2) The Art of Living Beautifully

3) The Healing Power of Forgiveness

4) Learning to Love One Another 

Contact Lori Mollan for more information 
Expressions of Style





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