Our Spotlight Speaker for October Christine Ackermann

Chris Ackermann


Who or what Inspires you?  Little kids – especially really little ones, before the bigger people in their lives start telling them they “can’t” do things, and the bigger people who got sick of being told they “couldn’t” do stuff and went and did it anyway – without them we’d never have gone to the moon (or anywhere else for that matter).
What is one thing that is unique about you? I’m a massage therapist that doesn’t do “massage” 🙂
What is your why? (Why do you do what you do?)  I want to help people heal their bodies, because there were and are people who help(ed) me.  pay it forward
What is one thing you struggle with?  Patience! Especially with myself!
What do you like to do for fun?  Go riding – horses, motorcycles.  Sometimes bicycles.  Be outside, even if I’m mowing the lawn or shoveling snow.
What does Faith mean to you?  Keeping going even when everything looks dark and hopeless, because you believe that the light will come
When did you learn about God and how has he worked in your life?  I was raised Roman Catholic,  and I took it literally when I was taught that God was everywhere because I did and do find evidence of God/Spirit/Source/Essence or whatever you choose to call that in everything.  The sky, the trees, the creatures of the earth, the earth itself, the immensity of space – we are made of star dust and we are a part of it all.
How is God or your faith apart of your life personally and in business?  I don’t connect with a sore back, I connect with a person with a soul who may have a sore back and whose journey is a part of my journey.  We both have something to learn from each other, because we are all a part of each other.  Don’t understand this?  Watch the movie Avatar!
Your favorite scripture or quote?  I already gave you one, two more that come to mind right now:  “All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all” and the other is a short dialogue from Avatar:  “Grace:  ‘so you just thought you’d come out here and see what happened.’  Jake Sully: ‘Maybe I got sick of Doctors telling me what I couldn’t do’ ”
What is something you are grateful for or are celebrating?  I am very grateful that I am alive.  There’s a story behind that,  I’ll share that when I speak in October.  Because it’s not WHO I am, it is something that happened to me that changed my life in a huge series of instants that started one day about 17 years ago.


Anything you want to say to inspire, uplift, or encourage others?  Don’t give up!  DO ask for help if you need it – there is no weakness in asking for and receiving help, instead there is great strength and growth.  There is only weakness when you are too stubborn to let people help you.  People are the on the ground eyes, ears and hands of God…..  Anybody ever hear the Song of St. Francis of Asisi?  We are all healers, in our own ways with our own gifts. A soapbox moment:   Oh, and with all the garbage going on in the world today, before you bash anyone, take a deep breathe and remember that we are all human and for Christians (and most any other religion on this planet) humans are made in the image of God (Read Genesis people!)  I know I’m not the only person who knows that bringing some people down brings us all down.  Leave your racial fears, your zealot religious beliefs, and your hate of anyone different than you behind and be decent already.  All of the major religions I know about taught this:  Christ, the Buddha, Mohamed, Hinduism, the Taoists, yes, even the Jews.  What little I know about Native American beliefs is that they also view life as precious.  Wake Up People!

PS:  Do you know of a person with pain who might be interested in Bodywork at Time To Relax?  Feel free to share my website and contact information.  Thank you!

Chris Ackermann, LMT WI#10828-146
Time To Relax????
  PO Box 1187
1290 Hosford Street Suite B
Hudson, WI 54016
612-638-7981 http://www.ChrisA.MassageTherapy.com


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