What do you want to change? 

​How many of you want a different lifestyle or situation in their life to change? How many of you are willing to take full responsibility of where you are now and where you want to be? Did you know the daily decisions you make affect everything? Did you know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

This by far is one of my favorite quotes and has changed My life forever. The first time I heard it I was pissed. Down right mad and then it started to sink in. I am insane. Why am I complaining? Why do I keep doing what I’m doing if I’m not happy? Did you know comparing yourselves to others will only fuel the complaint monster? Do you know why you complain? If you know you want more or can have a different lifestyle you complain. You expect more but are not willing to do something so you complain.  Your not willing to make the sacrifices or changes to have a different result. 

I finally came to grips with this and am taking my dreams and aspirations seriously. I’m working on turning off the complaint monster and asking myself what do I need to do differently? What is it that I truly do want? What do I need to do more of or what do I need to change? How do I change?

Next step is to write down those goals and changes you want to make. Put them in priority and figure out or learn what steps need to be made to get the results you want. Ask yourself is what I’m doing today going to help me? Make the best decisions and daily habits to have the results you want. It’s ok if you go though bumps and roadblocks. Just don’t give up! You must be creative and find solutions to those challenges. Every lesson is a blessing. You have all the power to change what it is you want to change. Decide today who or what you want to become. Decide now enough is enough. If you want change be ready to be uncomfortable.

Evaluate and always work on improving. Surround yourself with the doers and the dreamers. Stop associating yourself with the naysayers and the complainers. Study those who are successful in what you want. Get a life or business coach and an accountability partner. Track your progress. 

Stop making excuses and accept the responsibility if you truly want it. Start focusing on the positive be thankful and grateful. Look at what your list of goals and priorities are each month and reevaluate.  Don’t just sit there and complain do something about it. 

I also believe you must dream and imagine what you want. Get inspired and visualise that result that you want as you already have it. Have faith and believe. Be excited and happy!

 My faith, trust, and strength come from the Lord. Find that belief in yourself and of course I encourage you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You got this now #GO #DoSomething #Believe


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